Adorable Cat Eats Papaya from the Tree Amid Lockdown

What weird food does your cat eat? More often than not, cats are such picky eaters that you can’t even give them meat because they prefer fish. Most cats won’t even eat a vegetable or fruit, even if it’s the only food you can offer!

But one cat became an internet star after it was caught eating papaya fruit from the tree amid the COVID lockdown. Perhaps it was unable to find food from the neighborhood tables because everyone was at home – and the tables are filled with canned sardines? LOL.

This silly cat went viral after the photos were shared by various social media pages, including Trending Pinoy Videos.

In the first photo, the ginger tabby could be seen standing on its hind legs, appearing to reach for something just beneath the ripe papaya fruit. Some netizens thought it was trying to catch a lizard or something small hidden from view. The cat was actually so serious in what it was doing.

In the second picture, it was looking straight towards the camera and must have realized that someone had spotted the action. Aha! Caught in act, kitty cat! The adorable kitty actually looks so guilty as it looked at the person behind the camera.

We could all assume that it quickly ran away from the tree to find some little mousey to catch and bring back as ‘peace offering’. Curious, the person behind the camera checked the fruit to see what the cat had been up to – and was truly surprised to find that the cat had eaten a lot from the bottom part of the fruit! Wow.

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Is this the world’s first vegetarian kitty? What’s your experience with cats eating fruits and vegetables? Ours only eat fish!