Adorable Cat Plays the Cutest Game of Statue with Its Human

Cats are really the most adorable thing – and that’s just proven by one cat named Chonk who loves to play the cutest game of Statue with its human! It’s like the cat thinks he’s the cutest thing on Earth and that he can maximize that cuteness by playing Statue. What a cutie…

In a video uploaded by Chonk’s human friend who calls the cat from the second floor of his house, the adorable kitty could be seen playing at the bushes outside. When called, the cat takes a few more seconds to obey and moves to go back to the house.

But in an apparent game of Statue, it stopped at the bottom of the stairs. For a few seconds, it just paused there without moving. The guy hid behind the wall before peeking back at the stairs, but the cat was still at the bottom of the stairs.

Each time Chonk sees the guy, he would stop moving. It was so cute to watch the cat making progress on the stairs with what looked like still images, but it was really just ‘freezing’ each time the human appears at the top of the stairs.

As if it knows exactly how cute it looks, this adorable cat even makes poses as he does the statue thing. The video ends with the cat finally getting inside the guy’s apartment. What a cutie.

According to the guy, this happens each time he calls Chonk after he enjoys his afternoon run outside the house. This led many netizens to make up stories as to why Chonk does this.

‘This is the game I play before I get free food from that person,’ said the cat, probably,” one suggested.

You’re right. You can see it in his eyes right before he comes back into the house. He’s thinking ‘I’m too old for this,’” the owner replied.

Check out this adorable video: