Ah Fei Cat Goes Viral for Overly Dramatic Reactions & Expressive Face

Some people might say that cats are boring, expressionless, and indifferent – but that’s because they haven’t seen Ah Fei, the hilarious cat whose overly dramatic reactions and expression face took the internet by storm.

According to his new owner, Ah Fei was rescued from the streets of Jiangsu, China, but it was soon apparent that he loves food.

Hilarious Cat 'Ah Fei' photo

So, it wasn’t long before the cat grew really fat – and that’s how it got its name. “Ah Fei” actually means “fat” in Mandarin.

Lazy and Overly Dramatic

Like most cats, Ah Fei is what you can describe as “lazy.” He loves to simply hang out or sleep the entire day.

But when he’s in the mood, he is also a fun-loving cat who enjoys playing games with its human.

What makes him extra special, however, is that he’s got flair of drama and appears to have a really expressive face.

He doesn’t feel camera-shy and will tell you exactly how he feels (even overly so) by the look on his face – and he seems horrified with a lot of things, including feathers or a piece of cloth! LOL

ah fei expression This drama queen of a cat quickly went viral as he shows up with meme-worthy photos showing a wide range of rather human-like expressions.

There are several photos of Ah Fei being a scaredy-cat. ROFL. Pun intended.

ah fei scared photo ah fei scared photo 2

Some netizens were sad to see his photos because he seemed to be really terrified in many of them, yet his owner clarifies that these are just normal Ah Fei reactions and the things that make him feel scared are actually ordinary things like feathers. You’d think it was a sword or snake. LOL

Ah FEi Feeling Sad or Bored?

Aside from being a true scaredy-cat, he also shows other incredible human-like reactions.

There’s a photo of him looking totally bored and unimpressed.

His owner was also able to snap some photos of him looking really sad while other animals are playing in the background. Perhaps he wanted to play but they didn’t let him? Awww. Poor cat.

What do you think of this feline?

Source: Bored Panda