Angry ‘Beerus’ Spotted Riding Backpack on Motorcycle, Goes Viral

If you’re a fan of “Dragon Ball Z,” then you’re certainly having a good laugh (and partially scared) over the photo of a seemingly angry ‘Beerus’ riding a backpack on a motorcycle.

Fans know Beerus as a powerful villain and the God of Destruction of Universe 7, wreaking havoc in “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” film and the “God of Destruction Beerus Saga.”

He would later become a supporting character in later stages of the anime series.

While the original Beerus was patterned after a real-life 14-year-old Cornish Rex, most fans would associate him with the Sphynx Cat, a breed that doesn’t have any hair and features prominent ears.

Little Beerus Travels on a Backpack?

Anime fans couldn’t help but laugh over the photos of a bored, even angry-looking purple cat that looks like Beerus, sitting not so comfortably in a clear backpack on board a Grab motorcycle.

In the post shared by Facebook page Scream Out, many netizens couldn’t help but share witty comments about how the fate of Earth hangs in balance and relies on the rider’s proper handling of the situation.

Angry ‘Beerus’ Spotted

Even the post itself was captioned with a warning for the rider to take care of the cat (as Beerus) because the fate of the universe relies on its safe trip.

Several anime fans also shared photos or GIFs of the anime character, joking that the Earth’s days are numbered – and that this angry villain can easily decimate the entire planet.

Others suggested that the rider should quickly give the cat some food so it wouldn’t be furious anymore. Suggestions included pudding, ice cream, and sausage! Yum.

Hairless Cat Breeds

These are hairless cat breeds that are also popular with some animal lovers who prefer having a unique pet:

  • Bambino – a cross between a Sphynx and a Munchkin
  • Donskoy – also known as the Don Sphynx or Russian Hairless Cat
  • Elf – a hybrid of a Sphynx and American curl
  • Peterbald – another Russian breed
  • Sphynx – bald due to a recessive genetic mutation
  • Ukrainian Levkoy – similar to a Sphynx cat but with folded ears

Source: Scream Out