Cat With A Squirrel Tail Gives Out A Majestic Royal Vibe

bell cat squirell

Squirrels are one of the animals that are so cute and fluffy especially because of the way their tails are fluffy and cuddly.

But we can’t really have them as pets which is a bummer, don’t you agree?

So when we heard that there is a cat that has a tail like a squirrel, we had to lurk.

Bell, Cat With A Squirrel Tail

This is Bell from Japan. A minuet cat that has a tail like a squirrel’s.

Cat With A Squirrel Tail 1

Bell is currently 3 years old and turning four in May. She lies with several friends both felines and canine who are also equally fun to see and watch.

Cat With A Squirrel Tail  2

You can follow Bell’s and friends’ adventures on the Instagram account her owner made with a handle ricorico_rico.

It currently has 153,000 followers who couldn’t get enough of the cuteness of their group.

Cat With A Squirrel Tail  3

Also, watch the friends of Bell on the same account, we guarantee that they will all make you smile.

What is a Minuet Cat?

Minuet cats are also called Napoleon cats, why it is so, we do not really know.

Cat With A Squirrel Tail  4

What we know is that they are bred from Persians and Munchkins.

Cat With A Squirrel Tail  5

They are known for their short legs, dense fur coats, and round faces.

But don’t you underestimate their short legs as they are able to jump, play, and run as agile as any other breeds of cats.

Healthier breed

Persians are great cats but they usually have health problems that come with their breed.

This is where Minuet cats come in, they were bred to avoid the various defects that Persians suffer.

These include the blockage of tear ducts, excessive formation of tears, flat faces, heart diseases, and the tendency of their fur coats to mat and be sticky.

Cat With A Squirrel Tail  6

After seeing how beautiful Bell is, wouldn’t you want to have a cat-like her?