Adorable Video of Cat ‘Arguing’ with Bird Outside the Window Goes Viral

The adorable video of a cat ‘arguing’ with a bird outside the window has gone viral, with netizens wishing they could understand what these animals were talking about.

Animals don’t talk, save for some bird species that mimic other sounds such as talking, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a language of their own.

And while it is easy to deduce that animals of the same species share the same language and could understand each other, it is impressive to witness animals of different species appear to ‘talk’ with one another!

Take for example this video of a cat that appears to be ‘arguing’ with a bird perched outside their window. The two appear to be ‘arguing’ with each other over something only the two of them could understand.

It is hilarious to watch them ‘argue’, with the cat appearing to ‘win’. At one point, the bird could be seen walking away, perhaps accepting defeat. But it comes back to continue with the ‘argument’. It is simply hilarious!

Can you just imagine what these two might be talking about? Some netizens think that the cat is trying to warn the bird to get away or it would try to eat it, as seen by the cat appearing to lick its lips, but others think they were ‘arguing’ over something else.

Photo credit: Máxima 97.5 Cancún / Facebook

Perhaps they both witnessed something from their perch high above that house and they are now trying to go over the details but they saw it from different angles so they had different stories? LOL.

So entertaining! Are they conversing with each other or angry with each other?!” one netizen asked.

I saw that kitty licking his chops. He’s getting hungrier by the minute. That bird better keep its distance or it may become dinner,” another pointed out.

The cat just wants to be calm and the bird annoys him with his noise… then the cat sends him to shut up and the bird says he won’t shut up, the cat threatens him the bird leaves but can’t with stubbornness and says again something else,” one netizen offered.

Photo credit: Máxima 97.5 Cancún / Facebook

What I think happened is that the cat ate the couple to the bird and this one is claiming the fact to what the cat tries to explain that he already swallowed it and can’t do anything about it,” another joked. LOL.

Here’s the cute video of the Cat ‘Arguing’ with Bird:

Aquí nomas viendo como un gato y un pájaro discuten ???#YorchAlAire

Posted by Máxima 97.5 Cancún on Friday, 20 December 2019