Cat Asks for Treats, Makes It Clear that He Means Business

Cats can be so demanding at times – and that’s something that many pet owners have long noticed on their pets. But there are cats that can be more demanding than others, but they still manage to be so adorable at the same time, too. Are your cats like that, too?

A fluffy cat named Blake might look so cute and sweet, but he can also be so demanding at times – so don’t try to play dumb when it is trying to ask for something because he appears to know what you are trying to do.

Blake’s human, Paige Evans, shares some of his antics as she enjoys watching her cat being so cheeky about things around the house. According to Paige, Blake enjoys asking for treats. And if he really wants some, he does not hesitate to be so straightforward about it.

The cheeky cat would sit on the table where the container of treats is put. Then, he would push on the container, pointing out the treat and looking at Paige as if to command her to open the lid! LOL. This cat can be so determined, really.

If he could just open the lid, Blake would have surely done it by himself to get what he wanted. What a cheeky cat.

Paige is fond of her cat and could not help but laugh at his antics. When Paige does not appear to understand what he wants to happen (of course she does but she pretends she doesn’t), Blake would glare at her until she stops laughing and gives him some treats!

The cat does this often, Paige admitted. But she did not reveal whether the glare works every time or whether Blake would do something harsher than glaring at her until she changes her mind…