Wise Mama Cat Brings Sick Kitten to Hospital, Seeks Help for Treatment

A wise mama cat recently went viral for appearing to know exactly what to do when its baby got sick – bring it to the nearest hospital, of course! For her wise move, the mama cat was able to get proper treatment for the kitten. Now, isn’t that so cute?

In photos shared on a Facebook group dedicated for cat lovers, M. Hakan ERİŞ from İzmir, Turkey, narrated that a mama cat brought her sick kitten to the hospital. Somehow, this wise creature knew exactly what to do when its baby got sick.

It is unknown what injury or sickness the kitten has, but what’s for sure is that its mom was worried enough to bring it to the hospital. Of course, there is always that possibility that the cat simply thought the presence of a lot of people meant there would be many folks to help sort out the kitten’s problem.

How it knew that, well, no one knows! But the mama cat was right in doing what she did. She entered the hospital and went straight to the emergency room like a pro. Perhaps she had been human in her past life, huh?

The smart mama cat went past the person at the door to the emergency room, gently putting the kitten next to where several doctors and nurses were gathered. The medical staff were wearing what looks like N95 masks. Some are in PPEs. These clearly show that this is a recent event as the hospital staff appears to be dressed for COVID-19 prevention.

While this one appears to be more of a hospital than a veterinary clinic since there were too many medical staff, the uploader wrote an update to tell the post followers that the kitten is alright. Whew!

The photo uploader didn’t elaborate what happened next, but the hospital staff probably brought it to the right place for treatment. Kudos, mama cat!