Cat Brings Snake as ‘Peace Offering’ after Chewing on Owner’s Earphones

Cats can be such curious little ones! And it is a known fact that they could actually chew on strings and wires in the same manner that dogs do.

One such cat recently went viral after bringing a snake as ‘peace offering’ to its owner who got angry because the feline chewed on his earphones. Errrr. It’s a good thing the snake wasn’t a huge one!

On Facebook page ‘Kami Pecinta Kucing’, Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani from Indonesia shared on photos of his cat and the rather scary ‘peace offering’ it made after doing something wrong.

The smart cat realized the big mistake it did when its owner got angry, but as it tried to make peace, it brought something back the resembles its owner’s earphones: a small snake. I bet Haryanto wasn’t too thrilled about it!

Earlier today, the cat was playing with my earphones on my bed when it accidentally bit it into two pieces. I scolded the cat and it left the house after that. When it came home one hour later, the cat brought a gift for me…” Haryanto shared on the Facebook page.

The cat does look apologetic in the photo – and netizens expressed amazement that it was able to find a nearly ‘identical replacement’ for the broken earphones! LOL.

Other netizens commented that they also experienced a similar thing in that their pets also chewed on their earphones or chargers. But unlike Haryanto’s smart cat, their pets did not give them a snake as ‘peace offering’. Of course, the netizens said they aren’t feeling jealous. After all, who wants to have a snake in their house in exchange of something the pet did, anyway?

As for Haryanto, he said he’s going to be extra careful about his stuff next time to ensure this won’t happen again. Who knows if the cat would bring a bigger snake next time? Uggggh! No way!