Cat Calmly Brings a Bag of Meatballs, Out for Delivery or Going Home after a Heist?

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A cat recently went viral after it was seen carrying a bag of meatballs. This got a lot of netizens wondering whether it was asked by some person to make a delivery or if it was actually coming home from a heist, taking the meatballs from an unsuspecting vendor! LOL.

Cat Calmly Brings a Bag of Meatballs

In a video taken by O. G. Rock, the cat could be seen walking down the sidewalk, calmly doing so without feeling bothered that a human was taking a video as evidence. The cat even looked at the guy taking the video but it calmly continued on its way without skipping a beat.

Perhaps it knew that the person watching it from the street had no plans of taking away that pack of meatballs or the cat was simply confident that if the guy tried, it could still outrun this two-legged giant. LOL.

The video has since gone viral, with many netizens joking that the cat must be offering a new kind of delivery service: FoodCat! After all, there’s already FoodPanda, though that one is not delivered by pandas but by humans dressed in pink, with cute pink boxes attached to their motorcycles.

Cat Calmly Brings a Bag of Meatballs 2

Perhaps this is FoodCat? It can obviously deliver just a few light items at a time, but you’ve got to admit it is efficient, huh? Not to mention quite brave, too!

Of course, all that is a joke as many netizens speculated that the cat had actually gotten quite lucky as it swiped the bag of meatballs from a vendor or from someone’s house. Uh-oh. Not too lucky for the people who owned this bag of food, of course…

Cat Calmly Brings a Bag of Meatballs 3

One thing is for sure, netizens find the video so cute – and the cat does not care at all whether the guy was taking his video and posting it as evidence on the internet later on! LOL. Here’s the funny clip:

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Posted by O.g. Rock on Wednesday, 19 February 2020