Cat Can’t Sleep Without Cuddling His Human Best Friend

A lot of people might say that cats are indifferent and often act like they own the house instead of being just pets, but others would also tell you that cats can be so sweet and actually appear to understand their place in the home.

Whether that’s true or not is subject to much debate, of course, but the reality is that there really are lots of stories about cats being the best of friends to their humans!

Take for example the sweet bond between a cat named Sir Meowsalot, also known as Meowser, and his human best friend, Noah. It all began when someone gifted Noah with a 2-month-old kitten for Christmas.

It was love at first sight for this pair who would be inseparable! They enjoyed doing fun things together, with Sir Meowsalot’s curious, energetic personality matching Noah’s friendly, adventure-seeking nature.

Living in the same home and believing that they are taking care of each other, the two spend many hours together. But even during nap time, they are together!

The special bond between Sir Meowsalot and Noah is so tight that the cat can’t sleep without cuddling his human best friend. It is rather sweet to see them sleeping together, with the cute kitten choosing Noah as his bed.

As the kitten grew, it might look rather awkward for him to sleep on Noah’s chest yet the boy loves his cat so much and enjoys having the cat as a real-life ‘stuffed toy’.

With Noah growing up, though, the cat would once again look small and appear to be a kitten on his chest – just the old days when he was still a tiny kitten. But one thing is for sure – the cat would surely still love to sleep on his chest even then!