This stray Cat chose SWAT team so he gets his own condo

cats condo

Any cat person will agree that it is not really the people who get to choose their cats, but the other way around. “It chooses you” as they say and it was no different from the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team who got “chosen” by this one lucky stray cat.


stray Cat chose SWAT

One day, a cat showed up at the SWAT’s headquarters and made it a daily habit to do so. They named her SWAT Cat and took to feeding and taking care of her.

However, no matter how many times they take her in and try to make her comfortable indoors, she will always go back outside where she likes it most.

Cat Condo

stray Cat condo

This prompted Officer Jamie Pietroski to come up with the idea of building a cat condo for the SWAT cat in the yard of the headquarters.

He ended up spending countless of after work hours just to finish this spectacular cat condo for SWAT Cat. It’s not even a regular cat condo, mind you.

stray Cat condo closer look

The condo is complete with a glass sliding door, a roomy studio inside, and a large deck for SWAT Cat to lounge and relax.

Happy Cat

happy stray Cat

It is no wonder SWAT Cat loved his stylish cat condo and happily moved into his new home immediately after he saw it.

Truly, cats do choose their humans. When a cat chooses you, you normally have no choice but to take it in and make it your boss.

Just kidding! Of course, when you take it in, you have to take care of it, feed it, tend to all its needs.

But the joy that a cat gives makes it so worth it. The comfort and happiness that a cat brings to his owner are irreplaceable that the duties of taking care of a pet come naturally for cat lovers.