Cat Goes Viral for ‘Confession’ Photo with Priest

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a priest set up a confessional at the church courtyard so that parishioners can still practice social distancing and not be limited to an enclosed space as they confess their sins, seeking forgiveness. But the setup would soon be visited by an adorable cat that would go viral for its cute ‘confession’ photo with the priest!

The priest in the photo is identified as Fr. Gregory Terdsuk Kitsawat, a parish priest at a church somewhere in Thailand.

For weeks, the priest has been doing the confessionals at the courtyard to follow safety protocols against COVID-19. But a cat appears to have been observing what’s going on at the church courtyard – and decided to join in on the fun!

Photo credit: Ki Baekho / Knights of the Altar – Philippines

In a hilarious moment caught on camera by Ki Baekho, the cat sits on the chair in front of the confessional and appears to ‘talk’ to the priest, giving its ‘confession’. Snapped at the perfect moment, Ki was able to capture the cat’s ‘confession’, leading to a photo that would quickly go viral across various social media channels.

Many netizens had fun creating possible dialogues between the priest and the cat.

One netizen wrote the following dialogue:

Cat -Father forgive me for what I have done

Father- What have u done dear

Cat -I have steal fish and scratch my owner

Father- Your sins our forgiven


My cat should confess this she steals food and scratches me.

Another also had fun creating a fake conversation.

Cat: “Father I’m here today for…”

Father: “You are already forgiven my child”

Cat: “Oh? Sorry Father, I’m here today to ask more food, I’m still hungry because I’m not allowed to go out because of the Virus, stay safe Father.”

LOL. What do you think of this cat’s ‘confession? Can you think of a better dialogue than the ones shared here?