Cute Cat Distracts Mom Who Now Works from Home

Percy is a cat who loves attention. Even as an adult, Percy often acts like a kitten when her mom, Jessy Robinson, is at home. He enjoys getting picked up and wants a lot of attention.

He loves being picked up but hates pats. He bites (not hard, usually) and he screams for attention. We all love him so much,” Jessy shared.

It’s actually quite a good thing that Jessy spends most of the day at her office because she can be productive there while Percy rests at home. But with the COVID-19 crisis affecting a lot of jobs, Jessy had to work from home to stay safe. Percy feels ecstatic about that, of course!

The attention-seeker cat really loved it that Jessy was at home all the time. Each morning, when she begins to work, he’s already there are her home office, pretending so hard to be her co-worker. He hides behind the monitor and quite so possibly makes suggestions on that they should do for the day.

Cat Distract Mom

While Jessy is busy, Percy has other plans – and his suggestions often involve some ‘pick me’ up hints. If Jessy ignores him, he simply asserts himself by hogging space by her keyboard so she could understand that not-so-subtle hint.

Thankfully, he eventually gets tired of all the attention – but only for the day! The next morning, he would be at Jessy’s office again.

At least half of the day he is trying to get my attention. The rest of the day he sleeps on the chair or floor next to me,” Jessy shared.

Cats distract Mom Now Works from Home

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Many netizens loved how Percy is finally getting all the attention he wanted; though many think that he’s a bit confused why his human mom is always at home but she’s too busy on her computer to cuddle with him all day long…