Cat Eats Like a Hippo, Strange Behavior Goes Viral

Some of us might have experienced how it is like to be so hungry that you want to gobble up everything on the plate to satisfy your hunger. But it is heartbreaking to see this happen in children and in animals.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a video of a cat that eats like a hippo – and netizens are saying that it had probably been so hungry for so long that it wants to devour everything on the bowl.

Twitter user Luke in Philadelphia (@tramL116) had a good laugh over a cat that was sharing a bowl of food with another cat. The cat on the left ate with grace, slowly picking food from the bowl with its mouth.

But the cat on the right would open its mouth wide as it tries to get as much of the food into its mouth.

While it eats at a slow pace, similar to the other cat, its wide-open mouth made it look like a hippo as it tries to devour the food.

It is a tell-tale sign that it must have experienced a lot of hardships, especially in terms of food.

A number of netizens expressed concern for the ‘hippo cat’, suggesting that if this is Luke’s cat, then he should just give it another food bowl so it won’t feel like it was trying to compete with the other cat for food.

Many netizens assumed that he had just adopted the poor thing and that it had been deprived of ample food for a long time. Thus, it is behaving quite differently from the other cat.

Others just thought it was so funny to see the cat eat this way, saying it reminds them of a hippo game they had as kids. Many do hope that the cat will feel more secure in its new home and eventually stop this pitiful habit.

Check out this video: