Cat Finally Finds Forever Home after Living with 20+ Other Cats for 7+ Years

A cat that has lived with 20+ other cats for over 7 years was finally able to find a forever home – and it’s surely a wonderful feeling for this handsome feline.

We can just imagine how it must have felt when it realized that the people taking him out of the rescue center are going to be his humans for life.

Living in a Crowded Space with 20+ Cats

It’s a sad situation for many animals to live in an animal mill, such as a kitten or puppy mill, where they usually live with many other animals that wait for someone to buy them.

Thankfully, some are lucky enough to get rescued or bought (though many animal lovers also advocate adopting instead of buying because patronizing these mills can only worsen the animals’ situations).

The Community Cat Club in South Jersey, through its founder Sara Sharp, shared the story of Captain, a cat that has spent 7 years with 20+ other cats.

Captain was brought to the rescue center. From then, the cat already seemed happy that it’s finally able to have its own space.

Although he looks strict, he’s actually a lovable cat who made friends with everyone he meets.

He loves kisses and is loyal, gentle, funny, and a cuddly little attention seeker,” Sharp said.

Finding a Permanent Home

It seemed that this cat wanted to be adopted so badly because he really tries to spend time with humans as much as he can.

But it took some time before someone came across a social media post about Captain and went to the rescue center to adopt him.

It was definitely love at first sight. They held him and he cuddled right up into their arms. They knew he was the one,” Sharp explained.

According to Sharp, Captain is so enamored by his humans that he follows them around everywhere they go – and refuses to get them out of his sight. Perhaps he’s also scared that they’d leave him if he can’t see them.

Thankfully, they’ve also fallen in love with Captain – and he’s finally found his forever home.

Source: Community Cat Club / Love Meow