Cat Goes Viral as “Most Adorable Pest Control Officer”

A cat recently went viral after getting dubbed as the “most adorable pest control officer” – and netizens couldn’t help but agree with the caption. Do you?

Cat Dubbed “Most Adorable Pest Control Officer”

In institutions or companies, IDs are provided for all workers to show their name, designation, and other details that link them to the job and the company.

What’s cute is that some companies also give an honorary designation to animals that frequent their buildings.

For example, a university in Iloilo City, central Philippines recognizes a cat as a “staff” member – and they’ve officially given it a designation as the school’s “pest control officer.”

The cat, identified as Tanjie, was pictured posing while on “standby” at what appears to be a corridor in one of the university’s buildings.

Most Adorable Pest Control Officer
Christian Joseph / Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital

It had a no-nonsense look on its face, as if telling the photographer that it should not be bothered at all because it was on duty. LOL

Many netizens had a good laugh over the witty designation, saying that it was good for the university to recognize this diligent worker.

Several netizens also praised the cat for doing a good job, that’s why it earned recognition from the university as part of their “staff.”

However, some netizens also expressed concern about the cat’s ID, saying that it’s big and might cause the feline to get stuck somewhere, possibly leading to danger.

Still, most people were simply taking the post at face value and admiring this cat.

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Of course, there were also many netizens and fur parents who shared photos of their own cats – and we aren’t really surprised when most of them said that their cats were just lazy and sleeping at home instead of working as pest control officers. LOL

Is your cat as hard-working as Tanjie or, hmmm, also lazy?

Don’t worry – ours spend their time just sleeping the entire day, too!

Source: Christian Joseph / Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital