Cat Prevents Human Mom from Putting on Makeup, Stops Her from Using Brushes

Can cats judge beauty and appearances? That is unlikely, of course, but one cat appears to know that her human mom is already beautiful – and stops her from putting on makeup! What a cutie.

Louise Deeth adopted Rey back when she was just a little kitten. Rey enjoys the humans in Louise’s house and has developed the habit of perching on their shoulders. It probably gives her a better view of the surroundings as she is on a much higher position. But the cat also uses this to bond with her humans.

Photo credit: Louise Deeth / The Dodo

She has been climbing on us for attention ever since she was able to pull herself up our legs. She has this habit of coming up to you and stretching up your leg, and she has a specific little mew that means, ‘If you don’t scoop me up right now, I will just climb my way up with my sharp lil claws,’” Louise shared.

The adorable cat loves to do this often that even while Louise is cooking or cleaning, Rey would climb on her shoulders and check out what she’s doing.

But some months ago, Rey began to hate it when Louise puts on makeup. Every time Louise faces the mirror and begins to put makeup, Rey would climb on her shoulder and pushes her brushes away. The cat would not stop pushing the brushes until Louise would stop what she is doing.

Photo credit: Louise Deeth / The Dodo

It seems that Rey thinks her mom is already beautiful without makeup. Is her cat a good judge of beauty? Definitely!

But aside from being a good judge of beauty, netizens think the cat simply dislikes brushes. Maybe the cat thinks the brush will harm her human mom in some way?