Guy Installs CCTV over Nighttime Breathing Problems, Discovers Cat Sleeping on Face

cat sleeping on face

There is no question that there are just so many cats who love to snuggle with their human dads and moms, whether they are asleep or awake. But while most cats might prefer sleeping on their adorable cat beds or even in boxes, there are those who prefer sleeping on the same bed as their humans.

But one guy had no idea that his cat was actually sleeping with him – and the kitty doesn’t just sleep on the same bed but actually sleeps on its human! Ooooops.

Photo credit: Twitter / @stluis_htx 

Twitter user @stluis_htx shared about having nighttime breathing problems. He just can’t pinpoint why he has a lot of trouble breathing a night. There were even times when he keeps having a nightmare about not being able to breathe. But wakes up bewildered over what was happening.

He figured that he either has sleep apnea or there might be ghosts around the house. So, he decided to catch the culprit and, perhaps, get a good video of the ghost to share on social media.

I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera,” he shared.

Photo credit: Twitter / @stluis_htx 

That night, he once again slept with breathing difficulties. It was really getting so difficult to experience this every single night. But he had a good laugh upon waking up as he checked the CCTV footage, only to discover that his pet cat had been sleeping on his face the entire time!

Photo credit: Twitter / @stluis_htx 

He couldn’t breathe because she snuggles on his face and covers his mouth and nose! Of course, it clearly shows that this guy is such a heavy sleeper for him not to notice that his cat has been doing this! But at least he now knows the culprit and wouldn’t be accusing some ghosts of disturbing his peace. LOL.