Cat Sleeps with Head Inside Her Dog Best Friend’s Mouth

It is no secret that cats and dogs fight a lot. In fact, they might actually be mortal enemies! “Fighting like cats and dogs” is a common saying. Yet that is not always 100% true. There are actually cats and dogs that are the best of friends!

A cat named Bella is best friends with a German shepherd named Butta. The two love to play – and their play can be rough, similar to fights between cats and dogs. But they really are the best of friends and love to cuddle with each other, particularly when sleeping.

They’re just joyful, energetic and playful. They play all the time,” shared their human mom, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle already had Butta when she adopted Bella. But she didn’t have to worry the kitten because Bella has a feisty character; she refuses to back down even if Butta is several times larger than she is.

The adoption center said they found her in an abandoned building and she had been in some fights before, which is why her ears are a little wonky. She’s truly a fighter,” Gabrielle explained.

But the question was now whether Butta would stand a chance! Yet Gabrielle would soon realize that she didn’t have to worry about the two getting along well because they did! They play fight, but that’s all the fight they do. They actually enjoy each other’s company and even love to snuggle with each other.

Photo credit: Gabrielle / IG – Butta.Bella

The two also enjoy sleeping together. But Gabrielle was even surprised one day when she saw Bella peacefully sleeping with her head inside Butta’s mouth! Whoa.

We were on a road trip to Louisiana and they were playing as usual and just happened to fall asleep. I was surprised because it was weird that they were like that,” Gabrielle shared.

Perhaps the two had fallen asleep in the middle of a play fight, but it was really cute to see them that way. Gabrielle said that they had not repeated that sleeping position but she was glad she caught it on camera. Sweet.

Here’s the video: