Cat Stakes Claim on New Chair, Refuses to Let Anyone Sit on It

Pets behave differently when it comes to new items you buy for your home. While there are pets that get scared of the new item, most are actually indifferent. But there are also those that become so possessive of a new item that they won’t let anyone use it at all! Oooooops.

That’s how Yoshitsune is to all the new things that her human parents buy for their home. Every single time that Reina, Yoshitsune’s human mom, buys something new for the home, the 5-year-old cat would stake claim and refuses to let anyone use it!

Recently, Reina bought a new chair for her husband to use for working from home. True to her reputation, Yoshitsune quickly stakes claim on the new chair – and refuses to let her human dad or mom use it!

It’s mine!!! Meow!!!” the cat appears to say as she climbs up the chair.

But Yoshitsune’s human dad owns the chair and has to use it for work. So, the cat appears confused as to why he is always sitting on ‘her’ chair!

Reina was quite amused to take photos of Yoshitsune as she tries to ‘evict’ her human dad off the chair! First, the cat climbs on the chair, hoping that her human can take the hint and move away.

But her human dad is sooooo thick! He didn’t understand what Yoshitsune wanted to do. So, the adorable kitty puts one paw on his back, trying her best to push him away! But that didn’t work. Hmmmm.

She looks helplessly at Reina, but the latter was too amused to help. So, Yoshitsune tries again, using various antics to get her dad to move out of the chair.

It would take several minutes more before her dad finally got off the chair to leave the cat in peace.

Whew! Thank you, dad!Yoshitsune appears to say as she finally gets the chair to herself. Amused, Reina said they probably had to buy another furniture piece so Yoshitsune will have something else to obsess about, so she will finally let her human dad use the chair he bought for himself.