Cat Takes Limelight from Conductor at an Orchestra’s Performance

A cat takes the limelight from a conductor during an orchestra’s performance – and it’s one of the cutest things we’ve seen on the internet today. Do you agree?

Cat “Fulfills” Dream of Becoming an Orchestra Conductor

Although animals don’t usually belong in an orchestra, except in the movies and especially in cartoons, there’s a cat that took the limelight from the conductor during an orchestra’s performance – and the video quickly made waves online.

The adorable moment happened while the CRR symphony orchestra was performing at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall in Istanbul, Turkey.

Photo credit: The Black Cat
Photo credit: The Black Cat

In between pieces, a curious cat walked on stage and appears to show interest in the instruments that the musicians were using.

The feline sauntered across the stage, “inspecting” some of the musical instruments and drawing laughter from the audience.

Photo credit: The Black Cat

Still, even if the cat had disrupted the performance, the musicians weren’t angry at the interruption. Instead, some of them even tried to interact with the cat. However, the creature doesn’t seem to be interested in making friends with any of them.

It continued to move to the other musicians until one of them tried to pick it up. The cat appears furious that his “inspection” was interrupted, so it struggled to kick its way out of the musician’s grasp. Whew!

Thankfully, this feisty cat didn’t appear to be seeking any trouble with the musicians.

Eventually, it found its way up the orchestra conductor’s box – and was greeted by a deafening cheer from the audience.

Of course, it’s quite likely that the cat didn’t understand anything that the audience had been doing, but it’s cute that it was able to have its turn on the limelight (even if it also has no idea that it has become famous because of the video).

Watch it here:

Source: The Black Cat