Adorable Cat Patiently Watches Grandma Fix His Favorite Toy

Humans have favorite stuff they don’t want to let go, no matter how old and broken it might be. That’s the same with some animals. There are some who simply have their favorite toys – and wouldn’t want to have their humans throw that away, even if the toys are already damaged.

Just like Lucas, a cat who fell in love with a stuffed leopard some 4 years ago. At the time, Lucas was still a small kitten when his human mom, Alana, brought home the stuffed leopard. He immediately ‘claimed’ it as his own.

cat favorite toy

I got the toy from my local zoo, along with a few other stuffed animals. He usually leaves my stuffed animals alone, but he wouldn’t leave this one alone,” Alana shared.

Alana let him have the soft toy – and Lucas really loved it. He would cuddle with the toy and generally didn’t want anyone taking it away from him.

He just would go crazy for this one. I’d find it in all sorts of weird places all covered in cat spit,” Alana revealed.

Just as expected, the toy became tattered over the years. But while Alana offered Lucas a new toy, he simply ignores the others. This one is really his favorite.

Grandma Fix His Favorite Toy

When Alana’s grandmother moved in with the family, she and Lucas immediately bonded. When she noticed that the kitty’s stuffed leopard is so tattered, she decided to mend it. Lucas let her do it – but he watched closely the entire time!

The cat appears to be entranced by what he was seeing, with the old woman doing magic to his stuffed toy with each movement of the needle and thread. But Alana was also amused as she watched Lucas intently ‘supervising’ the procedure. It was as if he wanted to make sure that nothing crazy would happen to his favorite toy!

Grandma Fixing His Favorite Toy

When Alana’s grandmother was done with the ‘surgery’, Lucas was so happy! He inspected the toy and proceeded to play with it. He’s super happy with the results, Alana said.

The stuffed toy has already been with Lucas for some 4 years, but thanks to Grandma, he can still play with his favorite toy in the years to come…