Cat with Rare Form of Dwarfism Will Stay in Adorable Kitten Size Forever

Cat with Rare Form of Dwarfism

A cat with a rare form of dwarfism will stay in adorable kitten size forever – but he’s already growing his followers on social media for his cute photos! Isn’t that sweet?

Emily Tomlinson, the human mom of Munchie, shares photos of the cute cat on his very own Instagram account, Miniature_Munchie. According to Emily, she got Munchie from a rescue center back when he was still a few months old.

The center had rescued Munchie when he was just a few weeks old. His previous owners did not like him anymore as they were afraid that he’s blind because his eyes look cloudy. But though he looks blind, there is nothing wrong with Munchie’s eyesight.

At first, there seemed to be no problem with the adorable kitty’s growth. He loves to play just like all other cats. He also does not mind if Emily is busy as he would just find ways to entertain himself with the things she has around the house.

It was really all fun and games for this adorable kitten. But Emily noticed that he didn’t appear to have grown much even after several months. He should have been full grown already but Munchie still remains the size of a kitten.

One day, Munchie just collapsed. So, Emily took him to a vet to check whether there was something wrong with him.

Blood results came back and It looks like I’m a hypoparathyroidism kitten, this condition is so rare!” Emily shared.

They also learned that Munchie’s calcium level is only at 0.52 but should have been 1.9. The vet told Emily that Munchie’s condition is rare but with vitamins and some medications, he’ll be able to live a normal life.

To date, there is very little known about this medical condition in cats, but Munchie is expected to have a normal lifespan. However, he will remain in adorable kitten size forever. That’s still so cute, right?

Image credits: Instagram / @minature_munchie