After Years in the Streets, Cat with Sad Eyes Finally Finds Loving Human Family

Cat with Sad Eyes

After years of living in the streets, a cat with sad eyes finally finds a loving human family – and it is so wonderful that they take care of her like she’s their own baby…

Cat with Sad Eyes

Someone called up South LA Animal Shelter to rescue a cat from the streets. They estimate that she’s around 10 years old. The shelter named her Marmie.

A visit to the vet also confirmed that she has numerous medical conditions, including severe upper respiratory infection, Ehler-Danlos syndrome (EDS, a condition that affects the connective tissues in the body), stomatitis (inflammation of the gums), and feline airway disease.

Cat with Sad Eyes

After tests, Marmie was also found to be positive for FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus).

At her age and condition, there seems to be no hope for Marmie but she found a loving mom in Daisy Austin, an adoption coordinator at an animal hospital in West Hollywood, California. Daisy helped at an adoption event at the rescue center where Marmie was brought to.

That day, Marmie had just been rescued and was not yet ready for adoption but even with her matted fur and emaciated body, she caught Daisy’s eye. At the time, Daisy was not even looking to adopt a pet as she had another elderly cat at home, but her heart went out to Marmie.

What’s so sweet is that though there were other volunteers at the shelter, Marmie liked Daisy best. She would purr and ask for neck scratches each time Daisy comes near her cage.

Knowing that the shelter didn’t really have enough resources to care for Marmie, Daisy decided to adopt the sick elderly cat. She spent a lot of money on Marmie’s treatment but she feels happy that she is able to save her life.

It is so nice that after a decade of living in the streets, Marmie has finally found a wonderful, loving family who loved her and took care of her. Marmie’s sad eyes always make Daisy a bit weepy but as the months passed, the cat improved so much and is now a plump, healthy kitty!

Though she is now around 12 years old, Marmie acts like a kitten and loves to play around. It seems that she is making up for the lost time as she had to live a hard life in the streets for most of her years…