Cat Won’t Stop Smiling after Visiting the Beach for the First Time

Cat Won’t Stop Smiling after Visiting the Beach for the First Time

It’s her first time to go to the beach but a cat would go viral because of her adorable reaction to the new experience – she won’t stop smiling! Awwww. Isn’t that cute?

The cat’s owner, Semsema Mahmoud, shared of the adorable feline’s photos on Facebook page, Travel Secrets Club. It would soon go viral, with many netizens agreeing that her cat is so adorable because she definitely loves the beach.

It seems that the cat has also learned to appreciate the outdoors and was glad that she was brought by her owner to the beach. If the feline could talk, it would have been all praises about what it had seen while lounging on its comfortable beach chair or enjoying the texture of the beautiful sand.

According to Mahmoud, they often go to the beach but had never brought their cat because they had no idea how it would react. A lot of cats are sensitive to smell and texture, they weren’t sure whether it would run away when they reached the beach.

But their fears appear to be unfounded as the cat loved every moment of their beach getaway. The adorable kitty had a good time on the sand and even appeared to enjoy getting its picture taken on the beach.

Mahmoud made sure to put the cat on a leash as it might run away or get scared by the many people there; yet it stayed put. There was really no need for a leash, though they kept it on for safety. Netizens think that was a good idea as the cat might have gone exploring and would not be able to go back to their spot.

Eventually, though, the cat went to sleep. Perhaps it felt content that it was able to visit this beautiful place for the first time.