Cats Go Viral for Doing Proper ‘Social Distancing’

Cats Go Viral for Doing Proper ‘Social Distancing’

‘Social distancing’ is part of the ‘new normal’ that people have to follow these days as a way to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19.

While there are so many people who are still so hardheaded and do not know how to follow the rules on social distancing, a group of cats recently went viral for showing that they can follow the rules – even if they had no idea that people (or cats!) are supposed to do this.

Coleen Joice Aquino shares some photos of cats taken at Brgy. Holy Spirit in Quezon City, Metro Manila. In the pictures, three cats each occupy a circle in front of a sidewalk stall selling vegetables. What’s so interesting about this is that the circles are actually placed there to ensure that people will stay apart, doing social distancing whole buying the vegetables from the stall.

But it is worth noting that a lot of people do not follow the rules about social distancing, even if there are markings on the ground! These wise cats are actually good at following the rules. Do you agree?

Social Distancing daw sabi nila miming. Buti pa sila sumusunod. Good job ??,” Aquino wrote in the post.

It really is so cute that all the cats occupied one circle each, but some netizens pointed out that the kitties are now preventing people from buying from the vegetable vendor because there’s no circle they can step on close to the stall! Uh-oh.

Of course, stepping on those circles is not an absolute requirement – and no one would have the heart to shoo those kitties away from their perfect social distancing spot, anyway…