Cat Playing ‘Fetch’ with Owner Surprises Netizens

More often than not, cats are indifferent to their owners and aren’t as playful as dogs. But that’s just a wrong notion that dog people think – because cats can actually be so playful! They can even play ‘fetch’ in the same way that dogs play with their humans.

If you don’t believe that this is possible, then you surely don’t have a cat at home! Or at least you don’t have a cat the same as the one owned by this young man named Arash Muza. This feline is so impressive because it loves to play fetch with Arash!

Living in Malaysia with its human family, the cat named Bob was almost the same as other cats but one day, Arash threw a toy away – and Bob hurried to get the toy and bring it back. Surprised, Arash threw the toy again. To his amazement, Bob got up to fetch the toy again.

The two would soon make this a regular game between them. Arash’s siblings couldn’t believe it at first but they also had a good laugh after seeing the cat play fetch with their brother.

When Arash posted the video on Twitter, netizens were just as amazed, too. Many doubted that this was a real cat, joking that Arash had surely just used a cat filter on his dog! LOL. Others joked that this cat is surely a reincarnation of a dog.

Others said that this cat is just so impressive, sharing that their own cats seem so bored with life that they won’t even move from the couch even if you try to make it scoot over. Some wished they could also train their cat to do this.

But surprisingly, there were those who told Arash that his cat isn’t as unique as he thought because they also had cats at home who do the same. Wow.

Check out this video: