Owners Make Cats Wear Masks in China to Save Them from COVID

As COVID-19 continues to spread the world, a lot of people are not just concerned about themselves but also about the welfare of their pets. After all, there had been reports of a number of animals that tested positive for the virus!

In China, the origin of the highly infectious virus, a lot of pet owners were concerned that their fur babies could contract the coronavirus that could lead to their untimely demise. Some also fear that their pets might get the virus while walking around the neighborhood, then could pass it to the humans at their home!

So, these concerned pet owners decided to make their pets wear masks. Since there are no masks made especially for animals, the pet owners found a way to still put the protective equipment on by cutting out holes from surgical masks designed for humans.

The holes made sure that the cats can still see but their faces are well covered by the material. The masks are secured behind the cats’ heads.

Many were amazed that the cats actually tolerated the masks, particularly because most pets could not understand what’s actually going on and would try their best to remove the masks from their faces! Others pointed out that cats are highly intelligent beings and that they must have deduced that they should wear masks, particularly because the humans around them wear the same thing.

Some netizens think that the animals just might scratch the masks off, especially if it moves and blocks their eyes.

But many also think that it is completely unnecessary. After all, there are only very few reported cases of animals actually contracting the virus. And if they do, there is little evidence that they could also pass it to humans.