After 30 Years Of Being “Extinct”, Clouded Leopards Are Sighted In Taiwan

It’s sad how the environment has been the safety net who accepts all the damage the humanity has been giving Mother Nature since the beginning of time. As a result, a long (and it keeps getting longer) list of extincted animals exist and it’s unfortunate that they will never be seen anymore and that their life on earth is non-existent already.

Good news

Sad as it may be, that’s the reality that has us clinging for good news always.

Good thing there’s a good news that comes straight from Taiwan.

The Formosan clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa brachyura) has been spotted by several reliable witnesses in the wilderness of southeast Taiwan after being believed to be extinct for over 30 years!


Rangers from Alangyi Village in Taiwan recently spotted what they believed to be a Formosan clouded Leopard. They said that these leopards were hunting goats on a cliff in Taitung County’s Daren Township.

One team member vividly described clearly seeing a leopard climbing a tree, before scrambling up a cliff to hunt goats. Another team member described seeing a leopard darting past a scooter before scurrying up a tree and going out of sight.

Rare and sacred

As a response to the rare and sacred sighting, the members of the Alangyi Village held a tribal meeting planning on what to do with the incredible sightings. They even banned outsiders from hunting the area for the time being. Alangyi Village elders also asked the Forestry Bureau to stop logging and other disruptive activities.

Alangyi Village Conference Chairman Pan Chih-hua confirmed in a phone call that the sightings were that of the rangers’ in person. They saw the leopard or what they called “Li’ uljaw,” in person. However, the chief is not in any liberty to say the exact time and location of the sighting for safety.

Source: Cats on Catnip