Couple Builds Box Castle for Cat, So She Can Enjoy Her Alone Time

Everyone knows that cats love boxes, but what’s even better than a box? A box castle, of course!

A couple recently built their cat a box castle so she can enjoy her alone time. They are also trying to make up for the cat because they are ‘infringing’ on its schedule now that they are spending more time at home due to the pandemic.

Box Castle for Cat

According to Joy Twemlow, their pet cat Squirrel is a fairly independent cat that likes to do things her own way. While she enjoys finding ways to entertain herself, she is usually content with being alone at the house while Joy and her partner, James Bungard, are out working.

Most of the time she is content being left alone and her favorite activities include chasing shadows (usually her own), sitting on paper and smelling shoes. She is afraid of yoga mats and the dryer,” Joy shared.

When the pandemic started, Squirrel seemed quite puzzled why her humans are always at home. She still spends time having fun by herself but the couple now feels somewhat guilty that they are ‘disturbing’ Squirrel’s daily routine.

On their anniversary, the couple decided to create a box castle for Squirrel as a way to make up to the ‘disturbance’. They spent the entire day making the box castle, with Squirrel ‘supervising’ their work.

She was intrigued the whole time that we were making it. At one point we had to wait for her to be done sitting in a box before we were able to add it to the structure,” Joy explained.

After many hours of labor, the couple finally finished their box castle – and Squirrel appears to approve of it! She explored the many levels of her new playhouse and has found a new favorite spot right by the turrets.

We often come out into the living room to find her sitting in it. It is particularly heartwarming to see her peeping through one of the windows while she is curled up in it,” Joy shared. “Hope she forgives us now for being home all day.

Squirrel clearly shows her appreciation to the couple’s efforts in building her that new box castle.