Cuddly Cat ‘Adopts’ Orphan kitten as a little brother

cat adopts kitten
cat adopts kitten

Cats are natural heart melters. We’ve seen countless stories of cats that couldn’t stop cuddling their new owners when they get rescued. However, when they are not the only pets in the house, reactions from their animal peers may vary.

This is what animal rescuer wasn’t sure of when she went home one night bringing a rescued cat she named Opie. See, she already had a cat named Andy, and she didn’t know how he will react to Opie.

Instant love

The instant Andy saw Opie, he didn’t waste any moment to make Opie feel at home.

He was showered with hugs and kisses in the cutest feline welcome ever.

But Andy didn’t stop there. That same night, he never left Opie’s side and decided to guard and protect him, adopting him instantly as his little brother.

The owners couldn’t be prouder at how compassionate Andy is towards rescued cats and how he shows love as much as his humans do.

“Andy gives his brother lots of love, and has been teaching him about the litter box, how to land on his feet, how to hunt and play, but mostly how to cuddle,”

Natural cuddler

Before Opie was brought home by his mommy, Andy had already been a huge cuddler.

He would stick to his mom and cuddle her legs and just any part of her body he can hug.

So that perfectly explains why his attitude towards Opie came as protective and cuddly.

Warm and loved

In the first photos of the two cats, fear can still be seen in little Opie’s eyes. Maybe he was still unsure what to expect in the new environment he was taken to. But Andy’s warm welcome sure did the trick and you can’t help but be touched at how sweet these two cats have become.