Curious Cat Goes Viral after Asking for Food from Eating Customer

A curious cat has gone viral after appearing to ‘ask’ for food from an eating customer outside what appears to be a popular convenience store.

Shared by a lot of netizens, the post shows a guy in uniform eating outside the convenience store. It is unknown what the guy is actually eating but the photo uploader jokes in the caption that the cat is telling him to share some of the hotdog he is eating. LOL.

Pre, uubusin mo yang hotdog?” the caption jokes.

The cat could be seen looking intently at the guy’s food. It is not sure if it was making any sound at all, but it was clear that it was really asking for food from the eating customer even if it was not saying anything at all.

Of course, cats can’t talk but its body language and eyes tell it all! He simply wants some food.

Photo credit: Ivan Henry Cepeda / Facebook

The photo has gone viral, with over 12k shares and nearly 10k reactions from amused netizens. Most of those who reacted to the photo commented that they had a good laugh over the photo – and they even tagged their friends.

There were also those who commented that their cats are like that or that they had also encountered cats who try to make you feel guilty by staring hard at your food until you give them something to eat. Clever cats, huh?

Other netizens tagged their friends, joking that their friends look like this cat when they are trying to also ask for food! LOL.

There’s also a woman who’s asking where the photo was taken, saying that the cat looks like their missing cat. We’re not so sure if she’s joking and simply sees a resemblance to his cat’s hilarious antics but everyone agrees that this cat is really so funny. Are your cats like this one, too?