Dobby or Yoda: Adorable Cat Sparks Online Debate Over Its Appearance

Photos of a cute cat has divided the internet, with people debating over whether it looks like Dobby the house elf from the “Harry Potter” series or as Yoda the Jedi Master from the “Star Wars” franchise.

The adorable cat was first posted by The Humane Society of Rowan County in Kannapolis, North Carolina, in hopes of finding someone who would adopt her. The rescue center found the cat and took her to the vet as she had plenty of problems.

She had sores on her neck, bad sores all around her neck, an upper respiratory infection, fleas, you name it,” said Nancy Rominger, a volunteer at the rescue center.

Aside from having respiratory infection and intestinal parasites, the cat also had a cut on its neck that might be due to a bite from a larger animal, some sort of injury on the road before it was found, or even possibly something its owner might have done.

The cat also has missing canine teeth, something that makes it difficult for her to eat. It is unknown whether the teeth were forcibly removed or whether she was born with this unique ‘deformity’.

The rescue center brought her to Cabarrus Animal Hospital for treatment.

Although netizens think she looks like either Dobby or Yoda, the rescue center staff thought she’s too cute to be named after these characters. So, they dubbed her as ‘Joy’.

Jana Aviles, Veterinary Assistant at the animal hospital, shared some photos of Joy.

I met this little cutie while working at the vet yesterday. She was brought in by a rescue after she was found as an injured stray. She is so cute, like have you ever??” Jane wrote.

Joy is thought to be 1 to 2 years old. The rescue center later revealed that the cat was released by the animal hospital, without their authorization, to a person who claimed she owns the feline!

The bill was sent to the rescue center despite the woman leaving with cat; thus, they posted a fundraiser. Netizens happily helped them pay the bill but hoped that Joy is in good hands and that her own wasn’t the one responsible for her injuries.

Photo credits: Humane Society of Rowan County NC / Facebook