Family Dog ‘Adopts’ Kitten that Looks Like Her ‘Mini Me’

Just like people, animals are also unique yet have similarities among themselves and even in others of different species, too! For instance, dogs and cats are so different from each other yet they could also have similarities such as having similar fur prints.

When Emma from Yorkshire, United Kingdom lost one of her dogs, she realized that the other one, 13-year-old dog Maggie, was always looking sad and missing her long-time friend.

So, Emma decided to find another pet to give Maggie some company to enjoy.

At first, Emma thought of getting another dog but before going to the shelter, she dreamed about having a cat at home.

Seeing that as a sign, she went to the shelter thinking that she might pick a cat instead of a dog.

At the shelter, Emma saw a calico that had similar fur markings to Maggie. Needless to say, she fell head over heels for the tiny kitten – and Maggie felt the same way!

When Emma arrived with the calico, Maggie was so excited and welcomed the new pet with open arms.

Seeing that the tiny calico looks like Maggie’s ‘mini me’, Emma decided to name her Minnie.

I think Maggie almost thinks she is Minnie’s mum, and they look so alike with their colors and markings,” Emma mused. “Minnie looks up to Maggie and has started copying her. Perhaps, she thinks she is a puppy.

Although Maggie is rather old at 13 years old, she isn’t a cranky old dog.

Even if Minnie is so full of mischief and often plays with Maggie’s tail, the old dog simply lets the kitten have fun.

When Maggie goes out for a walk with their human parents, Minnie makes sure to tag along.

And if she feels tired, she simply rides on the dog’s back like she’s a little koala. LOL.

Watch some of their sweet interactions here: