Fur Parents Happily Share Their Cats’ “Massage” Skills

Some fur parents happily share their cats’ “massage” skills – and we’re green with envy because ours just loves to sleep the entire day. LOL

But other fur parents are saying that these cats aren’t actually giving their humans a massage. What do you think?”

Cats Give Their Fur Parents a “Massage”

It’s not really a secret that cats can be so lazy. Many fur parents will tell you that theirs spend the day sleeping, only getting up to eat or do their business.

Some cats are even so lazy that they’ve been filmed just looking at rats that pass by them, never bothering to even try and pursue these critters! Oooops.

But some fur parents are saying that their cats are very hardworking, with a number of them sharing videos of their kitties giving them a massage. Wow.

Check this out:

The Pet Collective shared a cute video of a black cat giving a child a massage – and it seemed to be so proud of doing the job.

This kitty didn’t even appear to be bothered when the older humans saw it and tried to catch its attention – and the kid appears to love it!

Watch this cute video:

But that isn’t the only example. Many fur parents have also experienced the same thing or have observed their cats doing the same from time to time.

Watch this compilation by Fan of Pets:

Isn’t it cool that these cats are so helpful to their humans?

Why Do Cats Knead or Give You a Massage?

There are many reasons why cats might give you a massage:

  • Contented cats showing pleasure or kindness
  • Stressed cats trying to create a calm mood
  • Kneading to create a softer resting spot
  • Marking their territory

Source: AAHA.org