GrabFood Rider Brings His Cats to Work So They Won’t Feel Lonely at Home

You know someone is an animal lover when they have pets at home, of course. But there are people who are a step ahead of others in showing love to their pets – such as one GrabFood rider who actually brings his cats to work so they won’t feel lonely at home! Wow. Isn’t that incredible?

Twitter user Nadia Fauzi had just ordered some food through the GrabFood app when she noticed that the rider who arrived with her order had some cats inside a cage strapped to his food bag.

Surprised that the rider had some cats there, she thought that he had just gotten the cats after doing his previous order. It might even be possible that he was bringing this to another customer.

GrabFood Rider with cat

Photo credit: Nadia Fauzi / Twitter

Nadia was surprised to learn that the rider owns the cats and the is actually bringing them along so they won’t feel lonely at home! He told Nadia that he was bringing his fur babies ‘for a walk’, allowing them to enjoy the city sights while riding on his motorbike.

By the way, the cats’ owner is my friend. He doesn’t like leaving his cats alone at home. He said they’ll feel lonely,” one netizen commented on Nadia’s post.

A lot of netizens were surprised that this guy was bringing his pets along, particularly because this could be dangerous for the kittens. Moreover, since he is handling and delivering food, some netizens feel that it is unhygienic for him to bring cats with him to work.

cat in cage

Photo credit: Nadia Fauzi / Twitter

But for this rider, his cats’ feelings are important and he feels that they are more secured when he is around. Thus, he has no plans of leaving them alone at home while he is busy making deliveries. He explained further that the cats always stay inside their cage and the food box opening is farthest from their position…