Grumpy Cat Goes Viral for Looking Like She’s Forever Angry

Cats might not always be the world’s most likeable animals, but they are not the scariest or meanest creatures, of course. Most cats do have a good temperament and would usually just ignore people for most parts of the day. That is one of the main reasons why cats are popular as pets.

But there are times when the cats might look scary even if they are actually so sweet. Take for example Kitzia, a cat who lives in Florida. Kitzia is not your typical sweet-looking cat. In fact, she looks like the complete opposite of sweet!

Kitzia drinking milk

Looking like she is never impressed with anything, Kitzia goes about with her daily life while wearing a really angry, grumpy look on her face. Her eyes would often stare at you like you’ve done something wrong – and its furrowed eyebrows do make her look like the angry emoji. Oooops.

Kitzia became famous after her human mom, Viktoriia Otdielnova, started sharing photos of her grumpy face on her social media account. Seeing that there are so many who adore Kitzia, Viktoriia decided to open a different social media account for the feline.

Kitzia staring

People had a good laugh over Kitzia’s perpetually grumpy face, though Viktoriia explained that she is actually a nice cat. She just looks angry all the time, but Kitzia actually has a sweet nature.

petting Kitzia

Just like the original grumpy cat who had also gone viral some years ago, Kitzia soon figured in some funny memes. Her Instagram account is starting to get many fans. Grumpy_Kitzia now has nearly 90k followers.

Kitzia meme

Some cats do love to be grumpy but Kitzia could be the grumpiest of them all! Silly cat.