Guy Builds Two High-Rise Towers for Cats, Complete with Hanging Bridge

We all have different hobbies and interests. But for one guy with two cats in his house, his main hobby is making sure his lovely babies are happy at all times.

Although he has two cats, Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut, said that one refused to let the other use of the towers! Uh-oh. Perhaps because the Savannah cat, a cross between a serval and a domestic cat, feels that the towers are his palace?

Since Rob can’t really do anything to make the Savannah cat Zach let the other one use the towers, he decided to simply call the towers as Chateau Zach.

In photos that Rob posted on Facebook, under the page Kitty Towers by RACoutu, it is easy to see why Zach would feel so possessive of the towers – they’re impressive!

The multi-layer high-rise towers have carpet floors and amazingly detailed interiors and exteriors that the cat actually has a better house than most people! The framing is made of wood and is safely secured to the floor and walls. Aside from beauty, Rob is also greatly concerned with safety.

Rob added intricate details to the towers, with beautiful portholes, working lamps, gorgeous balconies, and cute dormers. The ‘high-rise’ towers are built in his living room – they’re cat-sized ‘high-rise’, of course. But the pictures are really impressive.

Ever the royalty it seems, Zach would even ‘inspect’ the towers throughout the construction process. If he could talk, he would surely give out specifications for his home.

According to Rob, the towers are both about 10 feet tall. The larger one costs around $5,800; the smaller one has lower price tag but would still be in that range.

Needless to say, Rob’s amazing creation has gone viral. A lot of people are asking him for the tower plan or if he could also build this house for their pets. Wow.