Guy Who Now Works from Home, Files HR Complaint against ‘Co-Worker’ Cat

A guy files an HR complaint against his ‘co-worker’ cat who keeps bothering them now that he and his wife are working from home. The hilarious complaint goes viral, particularly because a lot of people can actually relate with the difficult situation of doing work from home, with distractions from kids or pets…

The mock HR complaint came from Andrew Stych who made his wife, Sheila Stych, as the Household Supervisor. Just like many workers across the world, the couple had to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The sudden change in the couple’s schedule was a welcome surprise to their cat, Penelope, who now wants to get their attention at all times. The cat was probably curious why her human parents were constantly at home but wouldn’t always give her or the other pets as much attention as they wanted.

There are actually four cats and a pit bull in the household, but only Penelope feels that the couple should give them more attention now that they work from home! Silly cat.

According to Andrew, Penelope has gotten so clingy at times that she would sit on Sheila’s keyboard just to get her attention. But that got her into trouble when the cat accidentally sent an unfinished email to one of Sheila’s co-workers.

Maybe she thinks she is ‘helping’ but Andrew thinks Penelope should just stop. So, he thought of filing an HR complaint about the matter – and he even got the cat to ‘sign’ the agreement. LOL.

“Penelope, this letter serves to formally document your failure to comply with household regulations, and your lack of adherence to workspace polices. You have been a great contributor to workplace morale and have been meeting your quota with regards to cuteness and chasing hair ties.

However, your continual insistence on attempting to (or succeeding in) shutting off the power strip and computer in the middle of work hours, insistence on stepping on the keyboard during critical company events, and general mayhem has resulted in significant loss of productivity.

We value your contribution to the household, but you must demonstrate an immediate and permanent alteration to your workplace habits or you may face more severe repercussions up to and including withholding of treats.”

The hilarious ‘HR complaint’ has since gone viral, with many people saying they can absolutely relate with the situation. Ouch. What’s your work from home story?