Easy Tutorial: How to Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet Bowl

Looking for a way to easily train your cat how to use the toilet bowl in your house? Here’s a tutorial that will get them to use it in no time.

Training Your Cat on How to Use the Toilet

Cats that have access to the outdoors rarely need to be toilet trained inside the house because they really just go out and do their business someplace else. But that usually applies to cats living in rural areas where there are lots of open ground areas they can use to do their thing.

Now, toilet training your cat using the litter box can be easy, especially if they can’t go outdoors.

Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet Bowl

However, that can be expensive – especially for those who are actually buying the litter box materials.

But you can train them to do their business in the toilet.

Step-by-Step Guide to Toilet-Training Your Cat

Step 1. Always keep the door open or slightly ajar so your cat can have access to the toilet anytime they need to go. It’s also a good idea to keep the floor and seat dry because, well, cats are known to hate water.

Step 2. Cut out sturdy cardboard the size of your toilet bowl.

Step 3. Put the cardboard between the toilet seat and the bowl. Add flushable litter material in the middle.

Step 4. Guide your cat to this “upgraded” litter box.

If you’re lucky, then it will be their time to poop. If not, this can take some time, so be patient – and hope the other people in your house don’t mess up with your setup in the toilet.

Step 5. Once your cat gets the hang of using the makeshift litter box in your toilet, begin making a hole in the middle.

Step 6. Continue slowly widening the hole each day, but make sure it isn’t too abrupt or fast because your cat might be scared if the hole suddenly goes from small to large.

Step 7. Continue widening until they’re finally just squatting from the toilet seat.

Congratulations on your toilet-trained cat!

Source: Funny Petss Love