Adorable Kitten Melts Hearts with the Cute Way It Sleeps

kitten cute way it sleeps

It could not be denied that there have already been a lot of cats who went viral and had their fair share of the internet limelight for their antics. But one cat has gone viral for a different reason – because of the way it sleeps!

An orange and white calico munchkin kitten named Chata has melted hearts on the internet with the cute way it sleeps. Instead of curled up sideways or in crouched position just like how most cats sleep, Chata sleeps like a human.

Lying flat in his back, with his legs stretched straight and his arms lying flat on his sides, Chata could easily pass for a tiny human being sleeping on the couch. Cutie! The supine position is clearly not common in cats, but it’s just a regular thing for Chata who does not care about how cats are supposed to sleep.

Some people think there might be something wrong with this 2-month-old kitty from Japan but it really is a natural thing for Chata. His humans assured netizens that there is nothing to worry about because once Chata is awake, he acts just like any other cat –mischievous and adorable at the same time.

Thanks to the unique way he sleeps, though, Chata has gained a massive following on the internet. The Instagram page he shares with his older sister, Chava, actually has over 122k followers! Together, the two actually have more followers than many human Instagram users.

What do you think of Chata?

Image credits: Instagram / @chavata2023