Kitten with a Wink Gets Saved from the Brink

A kitten with a wink gets saved from the brink and now lives her life to the fullest, even after losing her brother when they were so young…

The kitten whom rescuers named as Maple had a brother named Egg.

The two were brought to Kitten Rescue Life in Oceanside, California when there were about 4 weeks old.

But both were so emaciated and sickly that the rescuers believe they had been by themselves in the streets for weeks without their mother.

kitten with a wink image

Because of their frailness, I believe they had been without their mom for a long time,” said Amanda, the founder of the rescue center.

Both kittens were so small and suffering from upper respiratory infections.

The rescuers quickly brought them to the vet and had to care for them around the clock, in hopes that both will survive.

Amanda feared more for Maple who also developed a severe eye infection. She’s in a worse situation than her brother.

But by some sort of miracle, Maple managed to pull through. She lost the eye with infection, developing a permanent wink, but she is alive!

What’s sad is that though her brother appeared to have been better, he did not manage to survive the upper respiratory infection.

This made Amanda work even harder to keep Maple alive.

I had a moment the other night when she was laying between us in bed, playing and acting like a normal kitten. It was that moment you hope for when you’re nursing sick kittens to health. That ‘we made it’ moment that makes it all worth it. I felt so lucky,” she narrated.

From then on, the kitten appears to live her life to the fullest – it seems like she understood how close she was to going off the brink!

She is extremely energetic and independent. She’s feisty, confident, and playful, a force to be reckoned with. She runs the house and even our adult resident cats bend to her will,” Amanda laughingly shared.

Maple was so sassy as a young kitten but the older she gets the more affectionate she becomes.

Aside from being so energetic and playful, Maple is also a very affectionate cat who loves cuddles with her humans. She’s truly so happy to be alive!