Adorable Kitten with the Perfect Mustache Becomes Internet Star

Kitten with the Perfect Mustache

An adorable kitten with the perfect mustache becomes an internet star! But before he became popular as the ever-adorable Gringo the Mustache Cat, he was actually a feisty stray who picked his human parents and ‘adopted’ them, instead of the other way around!

According to couple Romain and Sabrine from France, they met Gringo when he was just around 3 months old. But it seems that the kitten was the one that ‘adopted’ them as it started giving them cuddles and won’t stop purring.

The kitten is such a cutie that the couple simply fell head over heels – and decided to adopt it then and there! It is fortunate, too, that Gringo would get along easily with their older resident cat, Milko. By the time they got Gringo home, the kitten didn’t even appear scared but was already scampering around the house like he owns the whole place.

He is full of life, happy and has a really nice personality. He loves to play, climb the curtains, and jump around,” Romain said.

Needless to say, Gringo is such a bundle of cuteness and mischief. But the cute little kitten also had a habit of standing on his hindleg as if he’s a meerkat. His amused human parents would soon make him a social media account as his perfect mustache made him look like a cowboy.

He spends a lot of time running around but would often end up tired and sleepy just some hours later. It’s always a good thing when he sleeps as his humans jokingly say that this would be the only time that they could enjoy some peace and quiet around the house.

It turned out that Gringo is also a loud cat who enjoys purring at full blast! LOL.

This internet star already has plenty of fans, with over 75k followers on his Instagram account