Adorable Kitten with Teddy Bear Ears, Twisted Legs Touches Hearts

Born with teddy bear ears and twisted legs, an adorable kitten touches hearts with her strong spirit and will to live! Despite the many challenges it faced and too many close calls, Baby Quill is a trooper.

Kitten with Teddy Bear Ears

She was just a small bundle of fur when brought to Friends for Life Rescue Network, a rescue group in Los Angeles.

The volunteers were not sure whether she would survive, particularly because she looks too small and had twisted legs, among other conditions, but Quill proved that she’s so much stronger than she looks.

Volunteers massaging her legs and helping in daily therapy

Foster volunteers of the rescue center, Mel and Zane Lamprey, made sure to give Quill some TLC. Aside from feeding her well, the two took turns in massaging her legs and helping in daily therapy for muscle-building work that would correct her legs.

She loved both her foster parents but was especially clingy to Zane – and she’s got him wrapped around her little finger! Sad meows from Quill would quickly bring Daddy Zane running. He would also give her cuddles.

He swooped in like the hero after each physical therapy session and cuddled her. Quill had him wrapped around her tiny fingers,” an amused Mel shared.

Even the couple’s resident cat, Pumpkin, took Quill in like her baby. She would give the kitten a lot of hugs. The older cat must have felt that she was this kitten’s mom because she would groom the kitten and sleep with her arms around the younger one.

Just a few weeks after arriving at the couple’s home, Quill felt groggy and came down with a fever. The trip to the vet was scary, especially after the couple learned that she has Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a viral disease.

Though there’s a treatment for FIP, this had to be done with the least amount of stress in a cat’s body. That meant stopping physical therapy for Quill. It was a dilemma for the couple because Quill also needed the therapy to correct her legs, but FIP was more dangerous. So, they followed the vet’s advice.

Quill survived FIP

Thankfully, Quill survived FIP. What’s even greater is that even with the setback, things appear to be going well for this little warrior as she makes more milestones. She could now run and even climb despite the twisted legs!

Her charming personality also shines through – and everyone also loves her adorable teddy bear ears…