Kitten with Only Two Legs Lets Nothing Stop Her from Having Fun

She might only have two legs, but a kitten named Duck lets nothing stop her from having fun!

Perhaps she thinks that all cats were born with just two legs, huh?

The tabby kitten was brought to an animal clinic in Florida some months ago with mangled front legs.

It was a severe injury that caused her so much pain.

So, the vets decided to perform a double amputation as there was no way to save her front legs.

She was brought into my sister’s clinic… thankfully, they have an amazing surgeon that wanted to save her and performed a double amputation. We think maybe (she was) trying to stay warm in the engine bay of a car,” explained Duck’s human in a post on her Instagram page, @purrasicduck.

The kitten was such a trooper and managed to make it through the pain of the double amputation.

The next weeks were painful and challenging, but for Duck, it was a life-saving experience.

Somehow, Duck knew that her humans were only trying to make her better.

Despite no longer having front legs, Duck remained an energetic kitten who loves to run around on two legs.

She learned to balance her body so she could hop around and run without toppling over.

Well, she still falls from time to time but this cheerful kitten does not mind the balance issues. She’s just so happy to be alive!

Duck’s human actually got her some wheels and a custom-fit harness to help her out, but she doesn’t like it. She prefers doing things her own way, even if it meant having to tumble over a lot of times.

The determined little kitten eventually found her forever home with a family that has dogs. But Duck easily befriended the bigger animals and her human jokes that the dogs still had no idea that she’s a little dinosaur! What a cutie…