Liking Cats Is A Sign Of Higher Intelligence & Independence, Study Shows

woman cat

Do you like cats? Then, you might be more intelligent than you think! A recent study discovered that liking cats is a sign of higher intelligence. Now, that’s really something that would make you want to have a pet cat, huh?

Conducted by researcher Denise Guastello, the recent study revealed that differences in people who like cats and those who like dogs.

Man with kitten

The study invited 600 students to participate, with the participants asked to answer questionnaires that asked them about their preferences in pets and their behavior in general, not just to animals.

Based on data collected in the study, the students who love cats are more open-minded and sensitive, compared with dog lovers who are more extroverted and social. The study also discovered that those who prefer cats are more independent in that they stand for what they think, even if everyone else wants the opposite thing.

boy with cat

The study also found out that cat people are more educated and have higher intelligence; thus, the research proponents suggest that they have a higher chance of completing their university studies than those who love dogs.

couple with dog

That is, of course, debatable but for Guastello and the team of researchers, that’s the conclusion they were able to derive from the data they collected, shares psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, the founder of both the MindFixers organization and the well-known McKeown Clinic.

But why are cat people more intelligent, more independent, and are more likely to finish their university education compared with dog lovers? The study suggests that the most probable reason is that due to cats being highly independent, more so compared with dogs, their owners can focus on something else and have more time to do other things, such as studying for their lessons and working.

Netizens would soon question that reasoning as well as point out that there are people who love both dogs and cats.

Would that mean they are in the middle and are less intelligent than purely cat lovers because they still have dogs to take care of? That’s a fascinating thought! Perhaps that would be tackled in their next study…