The instant bond between Lynx & Stray Cat who stole food

Size doesn’t matter, we all know that. But for sure, animal species do, we don’t want any innocent and harmless animal making its way into the path of a big, dangerous one, do we?

That’s what happened in Russia when a stray cat found herself inside a zoo enclosure with a lynx inside!

Hungry stray

One day in a zoo in Russia, a stray cat who was roaming around to find food found herself inside a lynx enclosure.

Yep, there’s food, but then there’s the lynx too! But the cat boldly went to the food to munch on her lunch. Luckily, the lynx didn’t mind and even made friends with the smaller feline.

Inseparable bond

The zookeeper was shocked to find a stray cat inside the enclosure and for her safety, the little cat was removed from the cage. But it happened again the next day.. and the next, and the next after that.

It became apparent that the two odd pair wasn’t going to allow anyone to separate them as the cat would sneak into the enclosure to visit her big friend every day.

In the end, the zoo gave in and let them spend their happy time together. After all, the bond between the two cats is so obvious no one is in apparent danger.

Beautiful companionship

The photos of the two together are enough to melt any onlooker’s heart. The two cats would spend their day together doing the same things. They cuddle like their no tomorrow and would spend every waking moment together, they would even groom each other!

This just shows that no superficial differences can ever get in the middle of a beautiful and sincere friendship. If these cats can do it, why can’t we?

Surely, cats do shine with great wisdom in the life that it’s impossible not to love them.