Maine Coon Finds Internet Fame as World’s Longest Cat

Maine Coon as World’s Longest Cat

Maine Coon cats are definitely giants among the domestic cat breeds, but this does not stop quite a number of these big kitties from gaining internet fame due to their sheer size.

In Melbourne, Australia, a cat named Omar is steadily growing his online followers after being touted as the unofficial record holder as the world’s longest cat! At 120 cm (3ft 11 in) long, he is the same length as the current record holder, Barivel, another Maine Coon who lives in Pavia, Italy, and as verified on May 22, 2018.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon longest cat

Omar could still break that record if he grows even just a centimeter longer, but he’s currently too busy with his online followers to focus on earning that world record! LOL. For now, Omar is enjoying his life in Melbourne with his owner Stephy Hirst who got him back in 2013.

Then, Omar was still a small kitty. But as he grew bigger at impressive rates, Stephy began to document his life and posting on his own Instagram account, omar_mainecoon. He’s got nearly 150k followers now. Impressive, even for a famous cat.

It is Omar’s huge size that made him a popular figure on Instagram. A lot of people are wondering what he loves to eat – and Stephy surprised everyone after sharing the cat’s favorite food. For breakfast, Omar eats regular cat food like all other cats. But for dinner, he actually eats kangaroo meat. That’s the perfect advantage of living in Australia.

According to Stephy, Omar is a picky eater and doesn’t like any other meat – he just wants kangaroo meat. So, they often have to buy human-grade kangaroo meat for Omar when they go shopping. He loves it.

omar mainecoon

It’s quite a challenge to also feed this huge cat but for Stephy, that does not really matter. She loves Omar and would continue to spend a lot of money for him. She also takes him regularly to the vet to ensure he is healthy, but as you might have already guessed, he won ‘t fit inside a regular cat crate. So, Stephy puts him in a dog crate. He’s that big!

In case you’re still wondering just how tall is Omar, here’s a photo of him trying to reach for food from the kitchen counter. Wow.