Man Builds Special Bridge So Cat Could Reach Window She’s Always Dreaming Of

Cats absolutely love boxes! But they also enjoy windows. Naturally curious creatures, cats enjoy exploring new places they’ve never been to, even going out of the way to explore every inch of the house, if they want to.

In Andrew Brewer’s home, there is a window on the second floor that has always been out of reach for Ellie, the family’s cat. Although she had access to all the other windows in the house, this one is simply too far to jump to. Thus, Ellie often climbs up the railing on top of the stairs and tries to look beyond that window from afar.

I could tell she wanted to be at it so bad,” Andrew said.

Taking pity on his cat, Andrew finally found a way to let her reach the window of her dreams. With extra time on his hands, he finally built a special bridge from the top of the stairs towards the window, even adding carpet material on the walkway to give the cat a cozy place to step on.

It was simply perfect! Ellie immediately knew that the bridge was for her.

The build itself wasn’t difficult at all. I had the idea in my head, on what I wanted it to look like, and just went with it,” Andrew explained.

When the bridge was done, Ellie quickly went to the window! She didn’t feel afraid to cross the bridge, even if it was a new feature at their house. She got up there and spent so many hours just watching from that window or sleeping from the ledge that Andrew eventually added a soft toy so she can have something to relax on. Sweet.

Every time I see her in the window it makes me smile. It makes me happy knowing she can finally reach that window she’s always wanted to reach,” Andrew added.

It was absolutely worth the effort. Pets are part of the family.

Source: The Dodo